By Now most people in the food and hospitality industry know that flies are bad for business.  They generally have an understanding that their customers are not too keen on them either.  However, there are a lot of people who, and we come across them a lot are still using out dated equipment which causes […]

When it comes to food premises there is no doubt that most dangerous species of insect is the dirty, disgusting House Fly!  It is also the most common of flies found in homes and originates it is thought from the Middle East. No-Fli was designed as a Stylish, Discreet and Patented to be the most

Although No-Fli is a relatively new start-up company.  The management have spent their entire working life in the manufacture and supply of quality insect killers.  No-Fli is a new direct business that answers the problems with modern day insect control products.  Customers identified that the only real option previous to No-Fli was the cheap imported

A new slimline LED light trap which offers the following advantages over traditional fluorescent UV traps: 55% less power consumption High intensity providing an improved catch rate 3 year life on lamps v 9 months Easier to Re-cycle as no mercury etc longer reach than fluorescent email me for more details of how the new

With Christmas just around the corner, I was asked by a loved one what would I like? A kind and thoughtful question which made me take a moment out to think. In the past I have received gifts as useless as an Elon musk car air freshener, light saber chop sticks and a homer simpson

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