Why NO-FLi is ideal for controlling flies in your HOME

When it comes to food premises there is no doubt that most dangerous species of insect is the dirty, disgusting House Fly!  It is also the most common of flies found in homes and originates it is thought from the Middle East.

No-Fli was designed as a Stylish, Discreet and Patented to be the most effective Fly Killer available.  It therefore comes to no surprise why it is fast becoming the number 1 choice for Food serving businesses.  In Fact No-Fli is fast becoming the only choice that consumers have if they value cost effective hygienic insect control!

However, No-Fli has another massive fan base which is growing at an exceptional rate.  The domestic home user is loving the UK made Fly killer!  So what is it that appeals to the home user when it comes to the No-Fli System?  After all there are many types of product to choose from on the internet!  Firstly let us have a look at the alternatives: Traditional “Zapper” or electric grid fly killers – These used to be the “go to” product for everyone.  In fact at one point apart from fly papers it was the only option.  However, in recent years these type of products have caused more harm than good.  Yes they attract and kill flies but at what cost?

Burning Flies Smell! – Oh and guess what, cause fires!

They burn flies and smell-not great when cooking Sunday lunch or asleep in bed!  You only have to look at the damage caused in crathorne hall and reported on the fire and safety website, which also explains the dangers of zappers www.fireandsafetycentre.co.uk/advice-centre/fire-prevention-make-sure-no-flies

Keeping that zapper clean – IMPOSSIBLE!

So apart from smelling and a massive fire hazard, there are other reason zappers are not good for domestic homes!  They are impossible to keep clean!  When unless you have a few hours per week to take off the protecting grid and put it all back after cleaning the killing grid.  Although, you may like to see dead flies in your eye line!  The collection tray is a nightmare to clean too.  This often results in flies blown or spilt out. 

Zappers Spread bacteria from Flies – Urrgh!

We could go on but to cut a long dirty story short – Zappers are terrible!  They look ugly and are really a very old fashioned technology.  They spread bacteria by the spread of pathogens from flies and these dirty insects are often stuck to the wall or on the floor, underneath the zapper!

Zappers help kill the Planet! – Yes they are totally Environmentally Shocking!

So not a great write up and as these zappers are designed, yes designed to fail after a minimum amount of use they are one of the most UN-Environmental products in the World!!  Made in the Far East they travel 5000 miles to Europe and then get thrown in the bin around about 12-16 months of use!  Great!!!

Zapper Tennis Rackets

This type of product has recently come into fashion as a fun gimmick around the home in summer.  However, not really great fun when you suffer 15% burns from using the useless device – www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4441306/  Not even going to write anymore on this but you have burn marks and dead fly parts in your room.

No-Fli the number 1 Domestic Fly killer

So reading the above and looking at the alternatives, they really do not take a lot of beating!  No-Fli is a lovely, stylish product that does not even look like a fly killer.  It is more effective because our design team patented the special bracket that allows more direct and reflective UV! 

Environmentally friendly

With a lifetime guarantee and reduction of 90% of metal it is the most environmental fly killer on the market.  In fact it is despatched from Yorkshire with around 5500 miles less footprint.

Hygienic and easy to clean

No-Fli is clean and hygienic and takes only 5 seconds to clean each month.  No-Fli then remains perfectly clean in your home for ever!  If you have a problem the No-Fli team sorts it for you and instead of throwing the item away our solutions keep the product working for life.

Stylish and Discreet – (security light too!!)

No sights of dead flies and as the insects are caught whole there is no spread of bacteria.  Flies can’t be blown out or fires caused as there is no current flowing through the catch area!  It is safe and a lot of our domestic customers love the fact that No-Fli acts as a great security light at night! 

You can easily move the No-Fli from room to room and you can add as many No-Fli fly killers for free by simply requesting them at www.freeflykiller.com

If you would like to find out more information on how a No-Fli can be of help in your home or business please visit www.freeflykiller.com and check out our reviews, our case studies and get yourself a FREE flykiller!

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