No-Fli & Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Replacement of Dirty Electric Grid units and non-serviced Glueboard units

No-Fli were instructed by the management of Sheffield Wednesday Football club to evaluate their insect killing machines around the hospitality, kitchen and stadium areas and to replace with the new No-Fli insect management system.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Sheffield Wednesday are a championship club based in the City of Sheffield. They have been in existence since 1867 and have a stadium that holds over 39000 people on a match day. The club cater for events outside of match days including weddings and parties.
The evaluation took part on the South stand of the Sheffield Wednesday football stadium. The kitchen preparation area, Match day serving areas and the hospitality areas were all evaluated.

The Existing equipment used

12 x electric grid units (zappers) 50w brand – Insectaflash
1 x glueboard unit non-branded by Ecolab

Points noted during the site visit

During the site visit it was established that the zapper products, although working were sited incorrectly and posed a problem due to their position near food preparation areas. Other problems for concern were:

  1. Dead Flies had not been emptied from the tray even though the pest company had signed to say they had done this.
  2. Dead Flies and Fly body parts which had hit the high voltage grid and landed outside of the insect killer and potentially into food preparation areas.
  3. The only glueboard insect killer in the kitchen had not had the glueboard replaced and the board had dried up making it impossible to catch any flies!
  4. There was insufficient amount of insect killers in the kitchen to be effective.
  5. The management requested if we could incorporate the SWFC logo to enhance the look and aesthetics of the product.

The No-Fli Solution

No-Fli advised that a total of 15 glueboard units replaced the old insect killers and added an extra unit to the preparation area in the Kitchen. To make the product more discreet and aesthetically pleasing No-Fli laser cut the SWFC logo into the front stainless cover.

How it is now …

As you can see in the pictures, the No-Fli System has dramatically improved the look of the kitchen areas.

The Benefits

There were numerous benefits of fitting a no-fli insect management system into the Sheffield Wednesday Stadium. Obviously the aesthetic looks of the product mean that it is a discreet flykiller. By incorporating the SWFC brand into the product it emphasised their brand to be seen by thousands of customers. Flies cannot be seen on the product, so the product is discreet. However, all though aesthetics are important the major improvements noted by the management included:

  1. A 100% cleaner operation was noted over the previous “zappers” as insects were falling out onto the floor, dirty insect particles were splattered onto the back wall and underneath the trays. Insects had previously blown out of the trays too! Using No-Fli prevented all these issues as the insects are caught whole with no chance of “insect explosion” and ensures no insects can cause cross contamination.
  2. Using No-Fli also has helped maintain the product and ensures all boards and UV lamps are changed as directed. Management also welcomed the lifetime guarantee as an answer to the many faulty “zappers” previously purchased. It was also a massive advantage that if any fault did occur, No-Fli were on hand to solve immediately!
  3. As no flies could “stick” to a grid no-fli eradicated the threat of fire which had previously blamed a fire from a “zapper” for causing £1million of damage at a similar style hotel in North Yorkshire.
  4. The “zappers” used an old fashioned “metal cage” design to prevent electrocution. No-Fli has an open design which allows more UV to be utilised this means that the No-Fli will catch more insects quicker making the Kitchen areas more hygienic.
  5. The management have been delighted with the simple maintenance of simply removing the board from the bottom of the no-fli unit and this has been met with much enthusiasm over emptying a dirty tray that often spills.
  6. No-Fli provided a number of insect killers that have improved the hygiene and aesthetics of the kitchens and serving area at SWFC. After previously spending a lot of money replacing the faulty “zappers” and expensive UV lamp spares continuously No-Fli have provided a service where the product is serviced easily and exactly when needed.

Can No-Fli Help You?

Sheffield Wednesday are a massive football club. Their facilities inside the ground are fantastic and attract thousands of people on a match day. Using No-Fli has given them cleaner kitchens and serving areas and the special fronts are a great way to promote their brand to the fans every match day. No-Fli are really excited to have such a famous partner and we are delighted to work with such a large provider of quality food. If you feel we could help you clean up your kitchens or incorporate your brand onto the product please contact us and we will be delighted to survey and quote for any property small or large.

No-Fli & Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Free Fly Killer
No-Fli & Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Free Fly Killer
No-Fli & Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Free Fly Killer
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