2021 the year of getting rid of your dirty zapper

By Now most people in the food and hospitality industry know that flies are bad for business. 

They generally have an understanding that their customers are not too keen on them either.  However, there are a lot of people who, and we come across them a lot are still using out dated equipment which causes more problems than they think.  Zappers or fly killers that use electric killing grids should never, ever be used in an area where food is either prepared or served.  We understand that not every business owner understands why but what is astonishing is that some environmental health offices are totally unaware of the dangers these type of machines cause.

Flying insects have been found can and do carry a wide range of dangerous microorganisms all over their bodies, in their saliva and excreta.  Salmonella is a massive reason we use fly killers as a method of protection.  In fact flies are the best friends to over 70 diseases all over the world.  

By law, food that is sold must be free from contamination. Hospitality are required to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ that they have taken every precaution against contamination from flying insect pests.

A lot of flying insects do represent a high contamination risk to our food. 

The problem with a lot of catering equipment or companies that are selling on line is that they feed the hospitality market with cheap, imported electric grid insect killers.  Logically these type of fly killers make no sense!  Firstly bacteria from the flying insect is spread further with the use of the high voltage grid!  At No-Fli we have seen thousands upon thousands of examples of dead insects in food, on the floor or on top of a drinks fridge.  This mess is also caused when the fly killers are not cleaned out and flies left to spill over.  Why Health officials on their visits do not see this is a question we would like answered.  What is the point of installing a fly killer only to have a potential contaminated fly entering the food chain.  You are not solving the problem, you are in fact making the problem worse!

Over 500000 of this type of fly killer is sold each year in the UK.  Most go to landfill in 6-14 month.

They are the most unhygienic dangerous type of flykiller on the market and danger to public health

There is no excuse for a business owner or health officer to allow this slack, dangerous product to be bought or used.  Ok they are cheap but the cheapness says “they are not bothered!”  No-fli have replaced over 2500 of these dangerous types of fly killers.  We do this FREE, so a totally risk free decision and as there is no contract attached to a No-Fli it means that if the customer did not think it was a better option they would not have to keep using it.  No-fli is safer and a million times more hygienic than an electric grid fly killer.  Yes, we do ensure our customers change a board each month and they have the option of changing it more if for a particular reason it fills with dead flies – no extra cost to this!  However, by changing the board, which takes seconds you are saying to your customers that you do care about hygiene and you are making the health officials job easier too!  By using No-Fli you are showing that your premises are better than the dirty shop owner down the road!  

No-fli is FREE and guaranteed for life! 

Made in Yorkshire and costs only £7.50 per month for all boards delivered, lamps changed each year and comes with a full service back up.  You will never have to buy a fly killer again! 

Think Hygiene,
Use No-Fli.

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