No-Fli – The Hassle free – hygienic insect killing solution!

Although No-Fli is a relatively new start-up company.  The management have spent their entire working life in the manufacture and supply of quality insect killers.  No-Fli is a new direct business that answers the problems with modern day insect control products. 

Customers identified that the only real option previous to No-Fli was the cheap imported “zappers” that plague food premises up and down the UK and Ireland!  These imported products are a reflection of the throwaway society we have become and are designed to break between 8-16 months of use!  One large catering company is responsible for importing over 90000 per year so you can imagine the waste management needed to control this amount of rubbish!

The other problems with “zappers” are numerous but include filthy flies stuck to the killing grid, this alone is not only hygienic but a massive fire hazard.  The flies also can blow from the collection tray into food and the dangerous contamination of food, by the flies hitting the killing grid and exploding insect particles up to 7m into the surrounding area!  This was proven by Kansas university and is the ultimate reason why these “zapper” fly killers should not be used anywhere near food!

Cleaning the “zapper” is another problem as they need to be cleaned once per week and this takes about an hour with the constant frustration of having to use tools just to open the metal cage that protects fingers from getting a shock.  They are impossible to clean without insect debris from spilling and the filth from flies is ever apparent.

So No-Fli wanted to improve on this outdated and dangerous product and over the past 12 months thousands of happy customers have joined our hygienic fly killer revolution.  Let’s look at some of the key points to remember when you are looking at this fantastic new UK made fly killer!

  1. No-Fli is designed and built in Yorkshire using quality components and has a stylish stainless steel front.  The design also features a patented bracket which allows both direct and reflective UV.  This is how the product is so much more effective at attracting and killing insects quicker.
  2. No Exploding insects in your dinner! Yes unlike, the old “zapper” No-Fli catches insect’s whole, thus avoiding any cross contamination from bacteria spreading flies. 
  3. A 3-5 second tools free monthly clean!  Another fantastic feature is that the product looks brand new each month.  All that is needed to clean the product is a simple monthly change of the cartridge board and this is done as quickly as a click of your fingers. Simply replace this board each month and you have the cleanest, safest fly killer on the market!
  4. Lifetime Guarantee!  Wow!  This is impressive compared to the cheap claptrap out there in the UK and Ireland.  No-Fli wanted to cut down on the landfill and felt that is was important to offer a sustainable message to the competition who just do not seem to care.  Our footprint from manufacture to delivery is about 5000 miles less than the imported zappers.  We use 90% less material in the product (this also helps make it more effective) and all No-Fli customers get the famous lifetime guarantee.  Not only are that but the UV lights energy saving lamps that use a lot less electricity than standard UV lamps.
  5. No-Fli Is FREE – No-Fli are the only insect killer manufacturer to give the fly killer to customers FREE.  The only catch is a load of flies (sorry!!)  However, the product needs to have 12 cartridge boards per year and the lamps need to be changed on an annual basis.  Our research has shown that customers do not want to have the hassle to keep purchasing these consumables so we simply take away this hassle and replace automatically, postage paid for a small monthly payment-equal to a couple of cups of coffee! 
  6. Monthly reminder emails – No-Fli Customers love the fact that everything is taken care of without the need for them to be bothered about their fly control and after all they want to focus on running their business not worrying that the consumables have not been ordered.  No-fli simply does this and sends an automatic monthly reminder to customers saying it is time to change the cartridge board and a yearly reminder to change the UV lamps!  Easy, no hassle and very cost effective!
  7. Nationwide free delivery to the UK and Ireland!  Some of our customers have numerous locations and No-Fli can be sent anywhere free. 
  8. NO Contract and the customer owns the product from day 1!  No one likes a contract, they are expensive and especially business owners change from year to year.  No-Fli does not put anyone on a contract and the spares that make the unit work can be cancelled at any time.  The advantage of this is that there is no risk and the customer still owns the product as a fixed asset!
  9. No-Fli care team! – Unlike other fly killer providers, Fly control is what No-Fli specialise in and all they do.  We do not have thousands of other products and fly killers is our bag!  No-Fli has a specially trained section of staff who ensure all customers are happy and that the product is working as it should be.
  10. No-Fli is the King of Fly killers.  100% of customers who switched their insect control to a No-Fli system where much happier with the results and service over their previous supplier.  You only have to buy 1 No-Fli it is the last fly killer you will ever need!

For more information please give our director matt haslam a call or visit and check out our reviews, our case studies and get yourself a FREE flykiller!

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