WRAITH – Advantages of the new LED light trap

A new slimline LED light trap which offers the following advantages over traditional fluorescent UV traps:

55% less power consumption
High intensity providing an improved catch rate
3 year life on lamps v 9 months
Easier to Re-cycle as no mercury etc
longer reach than fluorescent
email me for more details of how the new Wraith looks and works including our standard 5 second service time – matt@fliblade.com

2 thoughts on “WRAITH – Advantages of the new LED light trap”

  1. I’m looking for a narrow ( as in height) fly killer and would like further information on the new Wraith a picture of how it looks, together with the Size and weight, cost to purchase and of any additional consumables. Can it be position externally under a glass canopy directly above a door where I have a height restriction between the top of the door and the underside of canopy. This product is for use in a domestic environment. Many Thanks

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