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Yes. Totally FREE with a low cost delivery service only plan.

Our Yorkshire made No-Fli is used by well known food chains, hundreds of small and medium independent food retailers and a growing army of domestic homes. You will receive the best quality and effective fly killer on the UK market-FREE! Designed to look great, work great and we even give it a Lifetime guarantee. So no more dirty imported rubbish filling our landfill (You will come across thousands of them while “googling”) and welcome to the best of British design and manufacture.

NO-FLi features:

NO-FLi is proudly hand made in Yorkshire, England. Below are some of the fantastic features you would expect from the most effective insect killer on the market.


Home Free Fly Killer

Using a patented design NO-FLi uses duel UV attraction to kill flies quicker

Home Free Fly Killer

Flies are caught whole so no dirty bacteria in your food or on surfaces also no chance of them been blown out a tray! Sorry no zaps either or burning flies! Trust us fires are bad!

Home Free Fly Killer

No imported trash – it’s 100% made in the UK. You never have to buy a flykiller again and the spares are delivered on time automatically

No-Fli vs Zapper

Home Free Fly Killer

No-Fli delivers

Home Free Fly Killer

Zappers can't compete

Your free no-fli is so much more environmentally friendly, more hygienic and cost effective!


Yes it normally retails for around £39.99 with a 1 year guarantee.

There is no catch, our fly killer is absolutely free. NO-FLi are working with thousands of businesses to replace dangerous imported or unhygienic zappers in the market, by giving you a UK manufactured, hygienic option.

First of all other flykillers are designed exactly the same! Surrounded by metal cages that prevent essential UV Light.

NO-FLi enhances the catch of insects by combining both reflective UV and Direct UV Light. This is scientifically proven to attract more insects quicker!

The UV light brand used in NO-FLi is “Ecolite” an energy saving UV lamp that peaks high at the correct wavelength. The majority of cheap imported products use inferior UV lamps that do not have a high peak and often blow causing more expense.

This is why NO-FLi leads the way in insect control!

Yep! Why on earth would you want customers to see dead rotting insects on an impossible to clean killing grid? Why do you want dead insects blowing into food and why do you want to risk the spread of bacteria into the food chain? Please tell us you want to come over to the higher, safer and gorgeous NO-FLi “UV Light Side”.

It takes only 5 seconds each month to change the glue board. There are no tools needed and the bulbs, which are changes annually, can be replaced in seconds too.

Oh yeah, not everyone is as bright as our lovely product and sometimes the flies are not the only ones getting stuck. So our NO-FLi care team is on standby to look after you and They give each customer a courtesy call from time to time to ensure all is in good order!

As zappers are proven to have many issues they are not comparable to a more hygienic, safer and more aesthetically pleasing NO-FLi product. However over the last few years many of the well known companies have turned to importing the most horrendous “cheap” zappers from the Far East.

You can find the imported zappers from as little as £30 but these still need to have lamps changed with another cost of £30 per year, this is if they last the 12 months before they end up buried in the ground.

Good quality UK Made zappers are rare but still available but compared with the imported product are around £200 each and again still need replacement lamps and still have massive hygiene issues.

You have been kindly given a no quibble lifetime guarantee just give our care team a shout and we sort it out – you watch how good we are!

Yep, from geraldines café to mr wobblebums nationwide pizza you can have as many no-fli systems as your heart desires!

You most certainly can and we also offer a domestic package too – contact our NO-FLi care team for more info.

Still not sure? Click here to contact our NO-FLi care team with a question about the product, plan or to ask us something that will make you love us more! – get in touch here.

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