House Flies and Fruit Flies information and solutions

House Flies 

When it comes to food premises there is no doubt that most dangerous species of insect is the dirty, disgusting House Fly!  It is also the most common of flies found in homes and originates it is thought from the Middle East.

The reasons we should have such fear from the house fly are numerous but they are known to spread up to 40 serious diseases.  These pests do not bite but they cause serious hygiene problems.  By regurgitating a portion of their last meal onto new food makes it easier for them to digest.  House flies have massive eyes with over 4000 individual lenses.  With a life span of around 29 days the female will produce 600-1000 eggs.  These eggs will hatch within the day they are produced.  . Their feet enable them to walk on any surface and these feet are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than our human tongues!  The house Fly travels at around 4-5Mph travelling about 12-13 miles from their place of birth.

By siting a No-Fli insect killer you will effectively catch House Flies.  The lamps used UV which peak at 365 Nanometres and use both reflective and direct UV light which will help catch the insect quicker than other fly killers.  However, it is a myth that fly killers work like a magnet to flies.  They do not and are competing with food smells and in the day natural day light.  The No-Fli fli Insect killer is the last method of protection and overtime will catch and kill every house fly in the room.  They should be left on 24 hours as the insect killer is very effective in the dark when it usually the only light source in the building. 

Fruit Flies 

Fruit flies are less dangerous than house flies but equally, if not more irritating to customers!  However, it is proven that they can transmit bacteria which can be harmful to humans.  You can identify the fruit fly with its red eyes, brown body black bands over the abdomen. These flies are quite quick and beating their wings 200 times per second.  Usually found near rubbish bins, fruit bowls, syrup spills in coffee shops, fizzy pop dispensers and in bars.  A female fruit fly can lay 800-1000 eggs in her life time and are known to lay their eggs in rotting veg or fruit.

No-Fli offer a fruit fly program that is very effective as part of a system of control and eradication.  A special lure is placed in a trap which lasts a month and is totally non-toxic.  On finding Fruit flies in the trap it is a call to action.  This involves removing rotting fruit and veg and tidying food away in the fridge.  Closing rubbish bins and containers with a huge effort of cleaning up spills.  It is also important to discard dirty clothes or sponges, this includes mop heads and buckets.  The drains must be cleaned and crevices blocked as this is a great place for fruit flies to live and breed. 

The No-Fli lure and trap will continue to help control a lot of these pests but only by combining the early warning trap with major cleaning will destroy the population of fruit flies in your premises.

575065 and they will advise you of the best solution for your fly problem.

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