Coffee Shops – helping you control flies will help you keep your customers!

No-Fli have installed many No-Fli insect killers into food serving outlets. One of the most popular markets for fly control are coffee shops! Although we have customers in the independent sector, we also have installed in the chains, including costa coffee through franchise operators.

why do you see a lot of flies in coffee shops? Depending on the specie of flying insect, there are two main problem types . Firstly, the house fly is a pathogen carrying insect that can cause terrible problems. They breed and eat faces and out of date food transmitting bacteria and causing health and hygiene issues. These to name a few included cholera, salmonella and many more dangerous health problems. They are attracted to the smell of food and as they are very mobile they are difficult to control.

The other main insect we often see in the Coffee shop is the fruit fly! Oh my gosh these are so annoying and often can be seen near the syrups or counter areas. Probably not as dangerous as the house fly but equally annoying. Customers seriously do not want to have to contend with large numbers of both species of flies! I mean, you have spent a lot of money on decor, attracting customers to you lovely coffee and they are content, eating a fab piece of gorgeous cake. They do not want to be wafting insects away as they chat about day to day life.

No-Fli have two great products that help combat both house and fruit flies. Our UK made no-fli insect killer can be placed either front or back of house as it is so discreet. Unlike the imported zappers that burn insects and smell they are silent and discreet. I mean, who wants to be eating a lovely piece of carrot cake and looking at dead flies? With No-Fli your flykiller fits into the decor leaving your customers to enjoy their ware without even knowing flies are meeting their doom. For ultimate discretion you can add a full stainless steel cover and the product will work on reflective UV light. The No-Fli flykiller is made in the UK with a lifetime guarantee and you can find available free at Great as the last method of protection against the house fly!

No-Fli have also recently added a fruit fly trap to help you monitor and trap fruit fly infestations. The fruit fly can carry bacteria on their feet but they are really annoying. The new trap has a special lure to attract fruit flies and used as warning sign it indicates that you need to take urgent action against this fly. I promise you, ignore this pest at your peril as customers hate them! once, you see the small black fly in the trap you must ensure that you follow the following to help reduce the fruit fly population:

  1. Identify and eliminate their breeding ground.
  2. Wrap any fruit and put in the fridge or cupboard.
  3. Wipe counters and mop up any spills especially near the soda machine or syrup counter. Regularly empty the bin and check the drains as fruit flies often use these to breed.
  4. Clean around your coffee machines and syrups. This should be done every night!
  5. Space out the No-“fruit” fly traps, one trap for every 10m2. The lure is 100% effective and non-toxic, which will continue to work upto 30 days.

Using the points above will help!

By combining both the No-Fli insect killer and fruit trap you will reduce the chances of food poisoning. Just as importantly you will offer a better customer experience inside your coffee shop!

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